September 16, 2005

Increase Your Vitality
For the past few years, I've been intrigued by the concept of vitality, especially my own. I describe my vitality as my power to live, grow and develop. It is my bursting energy that is ever-evolving and expanding. Your meaning of vitality may be different from mine, but I believe we share the desire to increase it in our lives. I've discovered that the day-to-day choices I make affect my vitality. When I find myself making poor choices like these below, I ask myself a strong question to shift my action.

Missing Workouts
What is getting in the way?
I know physical activity is essential to my quality of life. And, if vitality is what I want, I need to put other things aside and get physical.

Getting to Bed Late
What's going on in my life that is unsettling?
I create a nurturing environment that fosters sleep by turning off the TV and the computer. I journal, meditate or stretch to help me discover the truth to what's happening in my life that interferes with me getting to bed on time.

Reaching for Comfort Foods
What do I most need right now?
Most often, I need a hug, a smile or to hear I love you from someone. Also, I take a look at what I've eaten and decide if my body is telling me that what I need is more or less protein or complex carbs to sustain me until the next meal.

Stressed Out
Why am I pushing so hard?
Ultimately, I choose to be stressed out or not. When I take on too much and not set limits for myself, I become stressed. It's really up to me on how stressed out I am at any given time.

Giving Up
What do I really want?
Once I affirm what I really want, I may decide that giving up is just what needs to happen for the natural flow of the universe to take over. In the end, I need to be okay with my decision.

Afraid to Move Forward
What am I most resisting?
Sometimes, I'm afraid of not knowing what will happen when I want to move forward, so I hold back. I realize that when my desire for change outweighs the resistance for change, change happens. It's amazing how that works.

Facing a Challenge
What is the next step?
Usually, I come up with more than one strategy and pick one. I expect the best possible outcome and give it a try. If that doesn't work, I try another strategy knowing I will overcome the challenge.

Hesitant to Take Action
What is life asking me to do differently?
Creating a plan is the best place to start. Once I know my direction, I use my resources or seek the support of a coach or other professionals to help me implement the plan. I go as fast or as slow as I want. It's really up to me.

How's your vitality?
Do you desire to increase your vitality in your life? By making the best possible choices, you too can increase your vitality — your power to live, grow and develop. Be your own bursting energy that is ever-evolving and expanding. If not now, when?

To your vitality,
Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

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