July 19, 2006

Unwind in Nature
For the past month, my life has become increasingly busy with home projects. I immediately went into organizational mode by making lists, estimating the amount of time it would take to do each project, and the materials I needed. I found that a majority of my days were spent completing tasks while squeezing in some coaching work and a workout now and then. As a result, I became quite "wound-up" and easily agitated with people. Soon, I realized how imbalanced my life had become in such a short time, and that something had to be done.

Intuitively, I knew that the best way for me to bring my life back into balance was to unwind in nature. I decided to take a mini-retreat on Sunday to explore the natural world I so loved. I intended to get up early and go for a walk around Cherry Creek State Park near my home. I envisioned a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze. I anticipated hearing the meadowlarks singing in the distance as I walked and passed other outdoor enthusiasts on the trail. To my surprise, I woke-up that morning to pouring rain – not the most ideal day to unwind in nature, but it proved to be the best medicine I could have ever taken.

After donning my hooded goretex jacket, I stepped outside to feel the wetness and dampness of the day. The rain was coming straight down, and the sky was muted and gray. With hesitation, I walked no more than a block before my glasses were covered with drops of rain. Despite the weather, I was determined to follow through with my intention to get outside and unwind. I'm drawn to be outside, to get moving, to feel the expansiveness of nature, and to reflect on the happenings in my life. The process of letting go is enhanced when I am outside. Ahhh (I remember exhaling deeply), and felt a release in my body as I walked.

This is what I experienced during my nature walk:
  • Felt open and connected to nature
  • Became calm and relaxed
  • My mood instantly changed
  • Became absorbed in the quietness of the day
  • Noticed the greenness and lushness created by the rain
  • My senses became more acute
  • Discovered that spider webs are strong enough to hold many drops of rain
  • Encountered only about a dozen people along the way (not hundreds)
  • Ecstatic to hear the meadowlarks sing in the rain (I love their song)
  • Felt tingling in my legs and more alive
  • Totally enjoyed being by myself
  • Increased appreciation for being part of this world
  • Nature fulfills a huge purpose for me
On that Sunday, I walked three miles in the pouring rain. My overall experience was cool, refreshing, cleansing, liberating, and so perfect. By using my intuition and stepping outside, I was able to unwind and bring my life back into balance. I embraced nature and its many gifts. What about you – how do you unwind? Is nature part of your world? I encourage you to get outside every day (rain or shine), and explore nature – to unwind, exhale deeply, and take in the wonder of the world. It's the best medicine you could ever take that doesn't require a prescription.

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

Some final notes:
Do you enjoy being outside, breathing clean air, and gazing at the landscape, birds, butterflies, flowers and animals? Are you concerned about our natural world disappearing? Do you value nature? Do you value it enough to be part of the solution to preserve it? If so, use your influence to change the way we treat the world – it's the only one we have. Take the next step, visit these websites for more information:

Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair - September 16-17, 2006, Fort Collins, Colorado
Organic Consumers Association - Campaigning for Health, Justice and Sustainability
The Oprah Winfrey Show - Search Global Warming
An Inconvenient Truth - See the movie and take action
Leonardo DiCaprio's Eco-Site

Interested in group coaching and live in the Denver, Colorado area? See the Events page on the website for information about the "Building Stability Group" for women business owners and the "Women's Soup Night".

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