June 16, 2006

How to Thrive – Not Just Survive
Often, I hear stories about people surviving personal tragedies – terrible accidents, death of loved ones and incurable diseases. When I'm really listening, I hear in those same stories how people not only survived, but thrived those personal tragedies. Life is filled with major inconveniences, illnesses, death and suffering, and the way to thrive is to find meaning in life. Do you merely exist or do you make steady progress, prosper, grow vigorously, flourish and thrive? Do you see your life as half-empty or half-full?

Nazi death camp survivor, professor, psychotherapist and author, Dr. Viktor Frankl said, "Although we cannot always change the fact that terrible things will happen to us, we have every power to change how we will respond to those painful events in our lives". In his book, Man's Search of Meaning, he wrote about how he was able to transform his personal tragedy into a triumph, to turn his predicament into a human achievement.

Imagine waking up each morning with a purpose, a mission, a vision, a desire to make a difference. See yourself flourishing, prospering, growing in your personal achievements, and in your life. For me, my vision is for a healthier, happier, productive, balanced and more peaceful planet. As grand as my vision seems, it starts each day with me. By holding the intention of my vision and sharing my passion for life every day, I thrive.

Take a look into how to thrive – not just survive in the world today.

  1. Start your day with a question
    Instead of asking, What am I supposed to do today? Ask yourself, How do I want to be today? Given you have a choice, do you want to be helpful, peaceful, compassionate, kind, courageous, happy, patient or joyful? You choose, and show-up that way in your life.
  2. Tune into your inner wisdom
    Set aside just 5 minutes a day to make a clear connection with the wisdom within, whether it be in prayer or silent reflection. Be open for inspiration, direction and insights that come to you during this time and throughout your day. Stay connected by honoring this time every day.
  3. When challenged – ask more questions
    Remember, the world is in you. You create your experiences, and your reactions to your experiences. When up against a challenge, ask yourself, What is at work here?, What am I resisting?, What must I do? or Where am I supposed to be looking? These powerful questions and others help you uncover what's going on inside your world. Also, this process helps you create a shift in your thinking and in your actions.
  4. Give back to the world
    Acknowledge that you are here to make the world a better place. Discover your purpose, your life meaning through writing, drawing or movement. Friedrich Nietzche said, "He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how". Be intent with your life meaning, and take action to express that meaning. With that commitment you give back to the world.
  5. Live in gratitude
    Be grateful for all that you have, all that you give, and all that you receive, whether your perception of all is good or bad. Being thankful creates the "thrival" versus "survival" state of being and living.
I challenge you to take the next step, go beyond existing – choose how you want to be, ask questions, tune into your inner wisdom, discover your purpose, and live in gratitude. Be open to seeing the possibilities in whatever happens. Now, imagine living your life with meaning – a life half-full or better yet, over-flowing. Picture yourself flourishing, prospering, growing in your personal achievements, and in your life.

To thriving,
Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

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