February 15, 2006

Be a Being of Balance (Part Two) Life Balance
Of all the meanings of balance – life balance seems to be the most difficult to achieve, and the most important in the journey to be a being of balance. In reality, you are at the center of your universe. Your work, relationships and life revolves around you. Everyone has the same number of hours in each week – 168. It's what you do with your time and energy that shapes your life.

Consider where you put your focus. Take a look at what areas of your life that are really, really important to you – what do you value the most? On a scale of zero to ten (0-10), rank the value of each life area on the chart below. Feel free to add to the list. In the third column, estimate how many hours a week you spend on each life area.

Life Area 0-10 Hours
Emotional Health
Contributions to Others
Physical Fitness
Fun and Adventure
Spiritual Well-Being
Personal Growth
The Environment

Now that you have a glimpse of what your life balance looks like, what's next? If you spend 60 or more hours working, get very little sleep, eat on the run, and get little physical activity, you're burning the candle at both ends. Years of neglecting your primary support system will result in a breakdown of your physical, emotional and/or spiritual wellness. To be a being of balance, it is essential to give some of your time and energy to maintaining your well being (eating, sleeping, exercising, and nurturing your spirit).

The road to life balance begins by taking a closer look at your life. If longevity and quality of life are important to you, do your actions support those values? Just for fun, take the 168 hours, subtract 56 hours for sleep, 40 hours for work, and 28 hours for gathering, preparing and eating food. Be sure to subtract your commuting time, and then fit in everything else you'd like to do within the remaining hours. Be realistic with your time, and remember to make time to relax, do your favorite things, and spend time with loved ones.

Achieving life balance requires shifting your focus – time, energy and money resources. Start by assessing your values, setting healthy boundaries, and deepening your relationships with yourself, your community, and the world. It's up to you to create the life you really want!

To support you in your journey to achieve life balance, I offer you a gift. My gift to you is a Holistic Lifestyle Questionnaire (HLQ) called TestWell. The HLQ is based on the six-dimensional model of wellness that emphasizes the importance of creating a balance in the many different areas which make up your life. The six dimensions of wellness are: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Occupational. The HLQ is designed to help you become aware of these different areas and help you identify the areas that need improvement.

Contact me to receive your gift. You deserve to live a life of balance – starting now!

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

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