November 27, 2007

Dear Santa
How's it going at the North Pole? I'm sure you're gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, and are sifting through your emails to eliminate the SPAM. By the way, this is not SPAM. I live in Colorado, and I'm waiting for it to snow. I love the snow, and know you do too. Please send some our way. The reason I'm writing so early is because I want to make sure you read my letter before you get too busy. You and your awesome team of helpers have a reputation for making wishes come true, and I have just a few items on my wish list, but they're big ones.
  1. Peace in the World
  2. Clean drinking water for all people
  3. An abundant supply of organic food
  4. Cool the planet
  5. Fill the world with love
Quite a wish list, huh? You're probably reading this and wondering how could you possibly fulfill these wishes before Christmas. I believe in you! I know how confident you are in your role as Santa, and if you could use your influence on the rest of the world, I would really, really, really appreciate it. You might want to recruit some additional staff to make these wishes happen, and of course, I'll do my part to help things along.

Also, I know that you like to wrap things in beautiful paper and use lots of bows (I do too), but I was thinking that you might consider going "green" this year, and use recycled paper, just a bow or no paper at all – and I'll do the same.

Santa, I want you to sprinkle your magic for me and the world and grant my wishes. You are a jolly fellow with a warm heart, and please continue spreading your love throughout the world. Also, I want you to take care of yourself (especially in the upcoming weeks), take your vitamins, get whatever sleep you can, wear warm clothes, and keep ho, ho, ho-ing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter. I am grateful for you and the work you do. Keep up the excellent work!


Getting what you want for yourself or for the world takes more than writing a letter to Santa or putting it on a wish list, but it's close. Making your wishes come true is about being in a state of magnetism – by using the Law of Attraction to bring yourself into alignment with what you want. The movie and the book, The Secret, is about the Law of Attraction. During this special time of year when people are making their wish lists, I wanted to share with you my interpretation of how to go about manifesting your wishes.

Here is the Simple Three-Step Process based on The Secret:
  1. Ask for what you want, and be perfectly clear. Start by writing down your wants, desires, aspirations, goals, dreams or wishes in every area of your life – write in the present tense, like it's already happening. Quite similar to placing a detailed special order. It goes something like this, I am so happy and grateful now that I have peace and harmony in my home, and so on.

  2. Trust that the Universe will answer your requests. Be sure that your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are in alignment with what you are asking – so choose them wisely. Ultimately, you are the creator of your life, and you choose the way you want your world to be. Remember, others also have the same freedom of choice. Those who speak of prosperity – have it! Those who feel prosperous – are prosperous. What you think and what you feel, is what you manifest. It's ok that what you are asking for doesn't appear instantly, but trust in the timing and the unfolding. The Universe knows the best way possible for your requests to show up in your life.

  3. Be open to receive what you've asked for without knowing how it will happen. Pay attention to what's in front of you, and when an opportunity, inspired idea or impulse arises, act on it. By bringing yourself in alignment with what you want, you allow it to manifest. When you're in alignment, you feel wonderful. If you feel fear, anger or despair – that's a signal that you aren't in alignment with what you are asking for. The more aligned you are with the positive feeling of having it now, the Universe will rearrange itself to fill your special order – every time.
So, The Secret is out! The process is not just wishing it to happen, it's about using the Law of Attraction to create the life you choose. Everything in your life (people, events, jobs, lifestyles, money, health), you've attracted. You become what you think about most, and you attract what you think about most often. In the Law of Attraction process, take time to be still, release the past, let go of the feeling of lack, and be grateful for what's in your life. Michael Beckwith says, "Nothing new can come into your life unless you're grateful for what you already have."

What needs to happen for there to be a shift in your life? First, be grateful, be thankful for all that is in your life right now. I say this prayer when I sit down to a meal, I am grateful for all that I am, all that I have, all that I give, and all that I receive, this meal is blessed – and so it is. Put your feelings and energy toward what you want. Visualize the feeling of being grateful, find the feeling of peacefullness, feel being in excellent health, locate the feeling of being prosperous. Be a magnet and use the Law of Attraction to draw to you your heart's desires. Declare what you want to attract, and act on your inspiration!

Now, back to my wish list I sent to Santa. I'd like to put my wishes out into the Universe, and I declare them right here and right now.
  • I am so grateful now that I feel at peace in my home and in the world.
  • I want safe, clean drinking water for all people.
  • I am so thankful for the abundance of organic food in my life.
  • I am now happy that the planet is cooling. I feel the world growing, supporting and sustaining life.
  • I am so very grateful for the love I feel from everyone in my life.
  • I now feel love flourishing throughout the world.
I close my eyes and visualize these things already happening. I wrap my arms around them, and feel joyful, healthy, peaceful and prosperous in all areas of my life (minus the wrapping paper). I see bountiful opportunities, ideas and inspiration, and act on them.

Now, I challenge you to ask for what you want, write it out, display it on a vision board, feel it, visualize it, declare it. Focus on being grateful for what you already have in your life. Be in alignment to what you are asking for, be open to receiving wisdom, and be ready to take action on inspired thoughts. Trust that the Univere will respond to your wishes, believe it and it will happen. Effortlessly, use your newfound powerful magnetism to manifest magic in your life! You are the creator of your world, and it begins right now.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

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