October 2, 2006

More than the Weather
Lately, I've been focusing more on the weather as the season changes in front of me – from the warmer, longer days of summer to the cooler, shorter days of fall. All around the world, people are talking about the weather; what it will be like today; wondering if they need a coat or an umbrella, or even snow boots. Much of our day-to-day conversation begins with talking about the weather, and I've noticed that the weather brings people together – it's a universal topic.

Also, I've noticed that talking about the weather is safe, short, to-the-point, and usually leads to a quick good-bye. I wonder what thoughts, feelings and ideas are bubbling below the surface of the weather conversation. What are people longing to express – if they had the time, energy and a deeper connection with others? I believe people have a desire to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, and coaching taps into that desire.

During my coaching sessions with clients, we spend the first part of the session checking-in, and talking about what's happened since we last spoke. It's the time when we reconnect with each other, and bring the details of recent events to the present moment. We discuss wins and accomplishments, challenges, setbacks and struggles in their lives. In the process, I notice subtle or extreme changes that affect the client's life much like the subtle and extreme changes in the weather that affect our lives.

Then, the conversation moves from the surface, more factual events to a deeper level – focusing on breakthroughs, opportunities and possibilities. Coaching provides a safe place to open-up, share your feelings and ideas. Coaching also provides structure to set goals, create a plan and identify action points to help you evolve. Coaching is an equal partnership that is client focused and client driven. Coaching is about you and your journey. Coaching offers:
  • a place to express ideas openly
  • a launching point to create a new style of life
  • weekly accountability and support
  • acknowledgment of your progress as you accomplish your goals
  • constructive feedback
  • help to keep you on track and boost momentum
  • creative solutions, insights and tools
  • and more!
Coaching taps into that desire for a deeper connection with yourself and others. Are you longing to express yourself on a deeper level? Here's an opportunity for you to do just that. As part of my services, I offer a free sample session so that you can experience coaching first-hand. Let's find out what's bubbling below the surface. Let's discuss the weather – and more.

If you're ready to have your own coach and would like a sample session with me, please call me at 303-437-3806 or fill out the contact form and press "send". I'll be in touch!

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

Interested in group coaching and live in the Denver, Colorado area? See the Events page on the website for information about the "Building Stability Group" for Women Business Owners and the "Women's Soup Night".

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