July 8, 2007

Tapping into Synchronicity
As I get ready to leave for a short vacation, I'm faced with appointments, deadlines, arranging for someone to water my plants – while I maintain some sense of balance for my Self. Despite the long "To Do" list, I take a walk, work in the garden or journal to take a break, knowing that everything will get done before I leave on my trip. Even when I'm not preparing to travel, I make sure I have "play time" to replenish my Soul. I cook, read, write, exercise, garden, walk – to help me stay centered, feel creative and full.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way and The Artist's Date Book uses two main tools to access her creativity – Morning Pages and an Artist Date. You may not be an artist, per say, but you do create every day of your life in your work, home and in your relationships. How often do you feel stifled at your job, or overwhelmed by the demands of family life? Do you often feel used up, depleted, drained, dry or empty? When you constantly give to others, work intensely, and spread yourself to thin, as Julia says, "You over-fish the pond". There are times you must take a long break and do nothing, to just "be" – to relax and get re-energized. But how can you replenish the pond without going on a long vacation?

By simply using Julia's tools of daily journaling and taking a weekly play date – you restock the pond. Don't have time to journal? Or take time out to explore the world? Look at it this way, if you pour from the pitcher long enough, without refilling, you'll run out of water. With journaling and going on an artist date or play date, the pitcher is constantly refilling. By consciously taking the time to refill your Self, you bring more creativity into your life, and synchronicity steps in – you'll be in the right place at just the right time for positive things to happen. What do you do to replenish your pitcher – to fill your Soul?

For years, I've used Julia's tool of the Morning Pages. It's been very liberating for me to write in long-hand, three pages or more of private free-flowing words, ideas and thoughts in the morning, before I start my day. I'm not concerned with spelling or punctuation, or staying within the lines – I just write! I show my writing to no one, and don't reread it later on. It means setting the intention and rescheduling my time to write – daily or as often as I can. I know that all things that matter to me take time, and it takes a commitment to do the Morning Pages, but the benefits are endless.

When I first started writing, it consisted of unhealed events, gripes about my life, and sometimes a list of what I needed to do that day. After about a month of writing, it evolved into ideas that I was passionate about in my life. My writing focused more on the present, what I was grateful for and seeing the possibilities in every thing I do – not reliving the past. Julia comments that with Morning Pages, you are "telling the Universe what you would like more of, what you would like less of, and what would move you closer to your dreams". Writing taps into the Universe's synchronicity.

The Morning Pages are meant to jump start your day, fresh and positive. Journaling is a safe way to express yourself, let go of past events, and let go of things that are troubling you. Instead of chewing, stewing, and filling your head with all that is your life – you release it. Writing frees your mind to focus foward to your passions. Be aware of trends of thinging in your writing. If you're stuck on something, that something may require more attention. It may require taking action in another way.

The other tool Julia recommends to replenish your creative Self is an Artist Date – a weekly scheduled solitary time to play. Taking an artist date helps you restock the pond of ideas, energy and inspiration. When you play, you step out of your normal day and are able to hear guidance from within. Have you ever gotten stuck on a project, taken a break from it, and while taking the time out, found a solution? An artist date is about giving your brain space away, seeing new things, exploring and being creative in a different way.

The artist in you may draw, play music, scrap book, take photos, design a garden, furnish your home, organize family events and more! You are a creative being in so many ways, and when you use your creativity, you draw on your inner well. Taking an Artist Date replenishes the well and taps into the Universe's synchronicity. More and more often, you are in the right place at the right time to receive ideas, hunches and signals that move you into harmony and balance. Ready to tap into synchronicity?

First, start by setting the intention to write three pages in long-hand every day for at least 21 days, preferably in the morning, and see what happens. Buy a few spiral bound notebooks or use the back of used copy paper. Don't edit, correct spelling, or reread it – just write and let the words spill out. You'll be amazed at how freeing it is and what surfaces. Remember, this process is about telling the Universe what you want more of, less of, and what would move you closer to your dreams.

Second, take an Artist Date or play date once a week (or more if you're feeling empty). Here are a few suggestions from Julia's The Artist's Date Book: color in a coloring book, go to a planetarium, write a fairy tale, play dress-up, visit a playground, collect beautiful leaves, sew bells on the toes of your sleep socks, or experiment with a new food. Decide what you want to do, mark it in your calendar, and don't give up this play time. If you're feeling too empty to come up with date ideas, buy Julia's book, it's full of 365 creative ways to restock your pond. Simply, write and take an artist date – start tapping into synchronicity and creativity will fill your Soul.

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron
The Artist's Date Book, a Companion Volume to The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

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