March 26, 2008

Time for a Re-Do?
As Spring approaches, I've been focusing on what is to come – warmer weather, more time outside, working in my garden and re-doing my living space to reflect the season. It also came to me that you might feel it's time for a re-do with something in your life – and as a life coach I'd like to help.

Just as the seasons change, so does your longing to re-do your home, your hairstyle, your business, your diet, your workouts or even your relationships. It's like getting a tune-up for your car or redecorating your home to liven it up a bit. This is where I come in. I wouldn't be changing the oil in your car, or giving you a haircut, but I am available to support you through your desired life changes.

As a life coach, my mission is to guide you through inspired action. You choose the direction of the coaching that might focus on wellness, relationships, nutrition, fitness, spirituality – life! Are you just itching to re-do something in your life? This is the perfect time! I'm offering a free sample coaching session to get you started, and a special coaching offer to help you continue with your Spring re-do.

Just imagine re-doing your career, your exercise program, or the way you do business? I'm here to help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. If it's time for a re-do, and you're ready to liven things up a bit, contact me to schedule your free 45-minute telephone sample session.

SPECIAL Coaching Offer – $175!
Offer ends 4/25/08
This offer includes:
  • Three 45-minute telephone coaching sessions
  • Write short-term and long-term SMART life goals
  • Give you support and encouragement
  • Zoom in on present and future successes
  • Set a course for making changes that last
Here's to Spring,
Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

As part of my Spring "re-do", I'm setting my sights on speaking to two groups per month. This is where you come in. If you know of a group that needs a speaker for their meeting, on-site event or convention, I'm available. Speaking topics include:
  • Excel at Living
  • Awaken the Wellness in You
  • Explore Your Inner Evolution
  • How to Practice Putting Yourself First
  • Top 10 Tools to Building Stability
  • Go Green and Grow!
I'd love to hear from you, just give me a call at 303.437.3806 or email me!

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