February 9, 2007

Be an Agent of Love
Picture yourself in a joyful, loving state of delight as you move forward in your life. It's possible for you to be a messenger, a connector, an agent of love by sharing your words, acts and gifts of love with the world. By focusing your attention on ways to spark change, inspire others, and share the joy of life, you become – an agent of love.

Why is it that for some people sharing their love comes naturally, and for others, it's a struggle?

First of all, our perception of love has a lot to do with how we grew up. Love was expressed freely in our home by giving and receiving hugs. For me, hugs were a natural way of how I perceived being loved. If your family showed their love for you by saying, I love you, then that had a definite impact on being open to expressing your love with words.

How do you feel most loved?

Is it by hearing words of love, or by spending time with people you care about, or by having someone listen to you when you are troubled? All of us need to be loved. Love shows up in many ways, and in many different shapes and sizes. It might be just a smile from someone you pass by on the street, or the feeling you get when a neighbor shovels your walk after it has snowed, or simply a hug from a loved one.

How do you share your love with the world?

Is it by sending words of appreciation to family, friends or colleagues? Is it by doing things for people you care about, or is it by just letting someone merge ahead of you in traffic? People need to feel loved, and there are many ways to show it. The acts of giving and receiving love brings joy and satisfaction to all. Give yourself permission to share your love – freely. There is more than enough love to go around.

Love is abundant!

When the 14th Dalai Lama visited Denver last year, he spoke of unity through education, awareness and more effort. He said he would like the world to act as a family. I interpret that as treating others with love, compassion and respect as you do for a family member. For the world to be more loving, it takes each of us making a conscious effort to be more loving.

On my desk is a photograph of me as a baby sitting in a cardboard box, wearing a bonnet, and smiling excitedly! As I look at this photo, I see a child full of love, joy and happiness. I carry that child-like love into my daily life. When life throws me some curves and challenges me, I ask myself, What would love do now? The answer is clear. As I become more aware of my thoughts, words and actions, I become more loving, I become – an agent of love.

Now, imagine that you are in a joyful, loving state of delight every day. Be proud that you have become an agent of love by sharing your words, acts and gifts of love with the world. Even when life throws you some curves, ask yourself, What would love do now? It's really up to you to take the ball and run with it, to give love and receive love, to be – an agent of love!

Belen Carmichael, NLC
Life Coach

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